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Is your Tileflex woodgrain surface available for indoor basketball courts?

Indoor basketball courts for home and commercial hoops applications, along with athletic gym flooring for a host of other activities, is available in Southwest Greens’ Tileflex woodgrain surface. A great looking and performing surface for regulation size indoor and backyard basketball courts, this sports flooring is made from heavy duty vinyl tile laminated into a polypropylene modular base. As with all our surfaces, it promotes optimum performance, reduced body stress, and requires minimal maintenance. So what are you waiting for?

For a great look for your indoor basketball courts, backyard basketball courts, and multi-game athletic sports flooring, choose Southwest Greens’ Teleflex wood grain surface featuring:

  • Heavy duty vinyl laminated into a polypropylene modular base
  • Interlocking modular design
  • Vinyl tile features heavy duty wear layer over various printed patterns
  • 100% virgin high-impact polypropylene copolymer
  • UVG absorbents
  • Durable and colorfast

Choose Tileflex for your home and commercial regulation size hoops courts and gym flooring, and discover the many great surface options waiting for you at Southwest Greens.

When you choose athletic sports flooring from Southwest Greens, be it for residential and commercial indoor basketball courts, backyard basketball courts, multi-purpose gym flooring, etc., consider our Tileflex woodgrain surface. This laminated vinyl tile surface looks great and provides years of durability and optimum performance no matter your sport of choice.

Southwest Greens’ commercial indoor basketball courts and residential backyard basketball courts look and play great with our TileFlex woodgrain surface. This surface is a laminated vinyl tile that brings a beautiful and realistic wood floor look to your court.

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