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Indoor Athletic Flooring

From Southwest Greens Offers Versatility And High Performance

Indoor Athletic Flooring From Southwest Greens Offers Versatility And High PerformanceSouthwest Greens has taken family fun to another level by offering backyard courts that are perfect for sports enthusiasts of all ages.  The equally good news is that their modular surfaces make incredible indoor athletic flooring for a variety of games and activities as well.  This unique indoor flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for fitness clubs, school gymnasiums, home gyms, and even office workout areas, and with good reason.  No other indoor courts or gym flooring offer the unique properties that contribute to optimum performance, versatility, injury reduction, and minimal maintenance.      

Let’s talk for a moment about versatility, a trait multi-purpose courts from Southwest Greens exhibits in their ability to host a multitude of indoor games and activities.  From basketball and tennis to volleyball, aerobic activities and more, this athletic flooring is a multi-sport star due to features that include:

  • 100% virgin high-impact copolymer polypropylene copolymer
  • Grid pattern top playing surface
  • Excellent traction and ball response
  • 16 standard colors and custom colors
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Quick drying
  • 10-year product warranty
  • Interlocking modular design

Another reason why Southwest Greens’ multi-game courts make such a great choice for school athletic facilities and fitness clubs alike is the low amount of maintenance they require.  You can expect years of service in perfect conditions with no repair or resurfacing required.  In addition, a surface that offers so much in terms of cushioning, traction, and stress reduction on joints is perfect for youngsters who are growing into their bodies, as well as older users at fitness clubs who need a little extra protection during their workouts.

Indoor flooring from Southwest Greens can be designed with the colors of your school or gym in mind, bringing a personal feel to each and every installation.  And with a 10-year product warranty, you know you can count on their surfaces to be as cost-effective as they are versatile.

The uniqueness of Southwest Greens’ athletic indoor flooring can be spoken about at length, but needs to be experienced in person to truly understand how ably it handles so many different games and activities. Promote fun and athletic excellence in the great indoors at your home or athletic facility with modular athletic surfacing from Southwest Greens. 

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