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Southwest Greens Athletic Courts

Stay In Play In Diverse Conditions

Southwest Greens Athletic Courts Stay In Play In Diverse ConditionsSouthwest Greens has expanded its product line to include backyard courts, outdoor multi-purpose game courts and indoor gym flooring for private residences, parks and recreation, apartments and condominiums, schools and universities, private clubs, and more.  As with their artificial grass putting greens,  game courts from Southwest Greens promise a pristine surface any time of year, no matter the weather, for years to come and with routine minimal maintenance.  And as with their artificial grass putting greens, these unique athletic courts deliver on that promise!

Each modular multi-game court from Southwest Greens is made from a surface built to withstand the elements no matter the climate.  From sun-baked summers to frigid winter conditions, you can enjoy the games you love on courts featuring:

  • 100% virgin high-impact polypropylene copolymer
  • Interlocking modular design
  • UV absorbents for full UV stability
  • Anti-oxidants and heat stabilizers compounded into material
  • Accommodates thermal expansion and contraction
  • Long service life
  • Durable and colorfast
  • No repair or resurfacing
  • Quick drying
  • Minimal maintenance

Another great aspect of these athletic surfaces is the minimal maintenance required of you.  A bit of occasional sweeping is really all you'll be responsible for, and when you add athletic flooring from Southwest Greens to your yard, the yard work that used to take up your weekends will be reduced significantly as well.

At the end of the day, the things those in the market for a backyard court are most concerned with are performance and durability.  Both of these traits can be found in multi-game courts from Southwest Greens.  Each court allows for excellent traction and ball response, maximizing your ability to run, cut, stop on a dime and dribble better than ever before.   And with a cushioned surface specifically designed to reduce stress on the joints, you won't find a safer surface on which to enjoy the games you and your family love.

Deciding on a sports surface from Southwest Greens is a decision that will reap dividends for years and years to come.  No matter where you live or the climate you live in, we know you're up for year-round fun in the comfort of your own backyard.  Consult with the professionals at Southwest Greens about your custom athletic flooring, and make a game of your leisure time!

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